• 24 Hour in person/over the phone crisis intervention services are provided to adults survivors of both stranger and non-stranger sexual assault.
  • Professional counseling and support to victims of violence
  • Access and referrals to county, statewide, and national service agencies
  • Primary prevention education seminars for community and school districts
  •  A safe place for clients to meet during court appearances.
  • Training for volunteers and local service agencies to prepare them for responding to victims

change their world

Invest in a brighter tomorrow for victims of Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

Mission & Goals of the Crime Victim Assistance Center:

To provide services designed to meet the physical, social, and emotional needs of domestic violence and sexual assault victims by providing immediate, short, and long-term assistance. Our goals are:

  • To decrease the impact of domestic violence and sexual assault on primary and secondary victims.
  • To present information and support to victims and their families that allows them to make choices that are most appropriate for his/her own needs.
  • To recognize limitations in the services offered by our agency and take responsibilities in working closely with referral agencies for effective management of victims and their families
  • To promote stabilization and emotional health

Services Provided Include:

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The ECCC defines confidentiality as the assurance that access to information regarding a client shall be strictly controlled to the ECCC and its program staff, and that no information will be used for purposes other than those set out in the release of information form signed by the client.  In compliance with current confidentiality laws in Texas and limits of confidentiality under the law, agency staff and volunteer advocates are mandated to report:

  • Abuse or suspected abuse of children, elderly, and people with disabilities. 
  • If in the course of client assistance an ECCC staff or volunteer advocate becomes aware of any person’s planning to commit suicide or homicide, proper steps will be taken to insure the safety of that individual and/or others. 
  • If the client’s records are subpoenaed through a court of law.
  • Individual and/or group life skills programs
  • Transportation to shelters
  • Legal advocacy, law enforcement accompaniment and court accompaniment
  • Accompaniment & transportation to hospitals/medical appointments

Victim Services without an appointment/after hours:

The Crime Victim Assistance Center DOES NOT require a prior appointment to receive services and the Crisis Center hotline (254.629.3223/888.686.3222-TTY/Toll Free) is available 24/7 for crisis intervention, personal advocacy, accompaniment, information and referral, safety planning, and transportation during and after regular business hours (8AM-5Pm Mon-Fri).


ECCC 24/7 CRISIS HOTLINE: 254.629.3223 (TTY#)/ 888.686.3222 (TTY#/Toll Free)