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Bystander Intervention                                             Dating Violence

Consent                                                                           Domestic Violence

Child Abuse- Prevention                                           Sexual Assault Awareness

Child Abuse Recognition & Prevention               Stalking

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Upcoming Professional Training:

​Aug. 20th- Sane/Strangulation Response training for first responders

Please contact Desare at 254.629.3223 if you would like to schedule a training for your staff/team.

Title IX Training:

The Eastland County Crisis Center provides comprehensive Title IX training for K-12 and college administrators, staff, students, and parents. Topics cover prevention, recognition, response, investigation, and remediation of sexual harassment/assault and dating violence. 

Contact us for more information about available Title IX training & advocacy services for victims.

Staff Contact List:


Gena, ECCC Community Investment Director:(College-Professional Training)

Desare, ECCC Prevention Educator: (K-12 School Programs)

School, Professional, and Community Education Programs:

The Eastland County Crisis Center is proud to offer a wide range of school, community, professional, and faith community training programs. Programs are free, easy to schedule, and can be customized to fit your logistical and group needs!

Prior to every presentation, the CVAC will provide the main contact with a complete packet of curriculum, handouts, and any other accompanying materials for review and/or revision.



ECCC 24/7 CRISIS HOTLINE: 254.629.3223 (TTY#)/ 888.686.3222 (TTY#/Toll Free)